Our vision is to develop well rounded confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing welcoming, happy, safe and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated. "To nurture and inspire children to reach the zenith of their excellence with a view to create capable, honest, morally upright, excellent glob citizens"


Our Aim is to help a child develop to their fullest potential and prepare them for their next chapter in life at school. To allow the child to experience the full wonder of childhood at an unhurried pace. To promote children's social intellectual and physical development through play and structured activities, preparing them for a smooth transition from pre-school to school. “Recovering the months of last education must be a priority for us".


The history of Garud Army Pre- Primary school dates back to 01 July 1985. Understanding the need to provide high quality pre-primary education to the children of serving personnel, 58 Armoured Brigade decided to establish an institution. The Brigade took upon itself the responsibility to prepare children of the serving personnel for admission to Army Central and various other schools in the station as well as outside. The challenge before the Brigade was to import the best of teaching staff and provide the best of facilities and yet charge a nominal fee. The school was rechristened as Garud army Pre Primary School on 03 July 2019. 

         The challenge was however met with and overcome successfully. There has been no looking back since our inception and we sincerely believe that we have miles to go before we sleep.


The coronavirus pandemic had transformed the way we do just about everything. The sudden shift to online learning had turned education on its head and in many cases, it’s the students who were having the toughest time. Whether it was staying focused while studying at home or a lack of internet access and reliable devices. Limited to no access to the internet was one of the biggest challenges for the teachers.


The pandemic covid-19 resulted in an unimagined situation of the world and it introduced an unprecedented use of technology in the education system. Online teaching was not everyone’s cup of tea as teacher’s have been practicing the classroom pedagogical method to teach students since the centuries. Teacher had to learn technical sources operating technical mediums to conduct online
classes, take exams, provide assignments and even provide score cards. Teaching system and learning system totally changed during pandemic